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Q:  How do I register for the tournament?

A: Tournament Registration is now CLOSED

Q:  Is there an entry fee for the 2023 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP OF SPEEDMODELING tournament?

A: There is no entry fee.  The 2023 tournament is FREE to enter.

Q:  Is there a PRIZE for the winner(s) of the tournament?

A: Yes – we have some AMAZING prizes this year thanks to our partners in this tournament:

 SolidBox -
 Professional Computers, Hardware, and Training for CAD and CAM Professionals.

 Alibre -
 Powerful, Yet Easy-to-Use 3D CAD Software That's Affordable.

 Revopoint -
 3D scanner’s which feature excellent performance, portability, and ease to use, with end-users in more than 150 countries and regions worldwide.

 Joko Engineering -
 Joko Engineering - making all your 3D modeling dreams come true!

1st Place:
  • $500 USD
  • (1) Revopoint “Mini” 3D Scanner
  • (1) Seat of “Alibre Design Expert” 3D CAD (lifetime license)

2nd Place:
  • $250 USD
  • (1) Revopoint “Range” 3D Scanner
  • (1) Seat of “Alibre Design Pro” 3D CAD (lifetime license)

3rd Place:
  • $125 USD
  • (1) Revopoint “Inspire” 3D Scanner
  • (1) Seat of “Alibre Atom3D” 3D CAD (lifetime license)

4th Place:
  • $125 USD
  • (1) Revopoint “Inspire” 3D Scanner
  • (1) Seat of “Alibre Atom3D” 3D CAD (lifetime license)

 In addition, all remaining runners (5th Place - 31st Place) will receive:
  • (1) Seat of “Alibre Atom3D” 3D CAD (lifetime license)

Q:  Which 3D CAD package is required for the tournament?

A: Runners may use ANY 3D CAD package.  SolidWorks, Onshape, Fusion 360, Inventor, FreeCAD, Creo, Ansys, SolidEdge…etc…

You must be able to:
– Input a custom material density
– create a 3D model which precicely matches the dimensions from a 2D drawing
– calculate the total mass of this model. 

If your 3D CAD program can do these things, you may use it during the tournament.

Q:  What unit system is used in the tournament?

A: All 2D Drawings will use mm or inches.  Inches may be shown in decimal or fractions.

The answer to each challenge (mass) will be requested in g, kg, or pounds.

Q:  What is the custom material density for the models in the tournament?

A: All models in the tournament will use one of the following materials with the specified density:

“1060 Aluminum Alloy” — DENSITY = 2700 kg/m3
“ABS” — DENSITY = 1020 kg/m3
“Plain Carbon Steel” — DENSITY = 7800 kg/m3

Q:  Does my time on the June leaderboard affect my qualification in the tournament?

A: Yes.  The top 32 times will qualify for the 2023 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP OF SPEEDMODELING.  The next 4 times will qualify as alternate / backup participants.  The remaining times will not qualify for the tournament.

Your time will also be used to determine your placement in the tournament bracket (AKA:  SEEDING the tournament)

Q:  Can I enter the June leaderboard more than once, to try to improve my time?

A: Yes – you may enter more than once.  Your fastest time will be your official time, and all remaining times will be deleted from the leaderboard.

*NOTE – If you enter the leaderboard more than one time, you will need to submit a video of each run.  However, you only need to fill out the tournament registration form once.

Q:  Do I have to submit a video recording of the June leaderboard challenge, for my time to count?

A: Yes – anyone who wants to participate in the 2023 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP of 3D CAD SPEEDMODELING tournament must submit a video of them completing the June speedmodeling challenge.

Q:  When does the qualification period end for the 2023 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP of 3D CAD SPEEDMODELING?

A: June 30th, 2023


2023 Tournament Registration — CLOSED

We will be hosting the next tournament in early 2024. Details coming soon


Part 1 of 3
Part 2 of 3
Part 3 of 3

December 3rd, 2022


Winner: Alnis


Video Link:

May 1st, 2021


Winner: GERBEN

CAD SYSTEM: Autodesk Inventor

Video Link:

December 14th, 2020


Winner: KamSmiff

CAD SYSTEM: SolidWorks

Video Link:

June 29th, 2020



CAD SYSTEM: SolidWorks

Video Link:

Starting July 15, 2023 and running through to November 11, 2023, TooTallToby and team will be hosting a 32-person 1 vs 1 bracket style tournament, to determine who is the fastest 3DCAD speedmodeler in the world!

Format: 1 vs 1 — CAD vs CAD Speedmodeling Tournament

A fully dimensioned 2D print will be created by TooTallToby and will be displayed via YouTube livestream during the broadcast of the 1 vs 1 matches (Saturdays at 1500 GMT). The competitors will attempt to create a dimensionally accurate 3D model from the 2D print, while sharing their screens with Toby via WEB MEETING.

The competitors will assign a material density to this 3D model (as specified on the 2D print) and calculate the mass of the 3d model. The competitors will post this mass in the chat found in the YouTube livestream.

The first competitor to calculate the mass correctly and post the correct answer in the youtube chat will be awarded a point for that round. The first competitor to win 2 points will be declared the winner of the match, and will move on to the next SECTION of the tournament.  The remaining competitor will be eliminated from the tournament.

SECTIONS are: Round of 32 > Round of 16 > Round of 8 > Semi-Finals > Finals. 

All matches will be best of 3 rounds (2 winning points), including the Semi-Finals and Finals.


Equipment and Software:

Competitors will be responsible for acquiring their own computer equipment, including a computer, mouse, keyboard, and one or more monitors. (We recommend 2 monitors for this competition)
No webcam or microphone shall be necessary to compete in this tournament.
Competitors will be responsible for acquiring a valid license of 3D CAD Software for use during the tournament.
Competitors will be responsible for establishing a stable and fast internet connection.
Competitors will be responsible for acquiring a username for YouTube chat capabilities.
Competitors will be responsible for ensuring that the ZOOM web meeting software will work on their computers.
TooTallToby will provide all software required for ZOOM web meetings, video overlays (OBS software) and YouTube Livestreaming.

Participants Network and Computer Responsibility:

The participant is responsible for their computer and network stability. If a participant experiences a crash of their software or a disconnect of their internet, the match will continue, uninterrupted for the remaining participant. It will be the responsibility of each participant to ensure the highest possibility stability of their computer and their network connection.

A slow or unstable internet connection will be a detriment to participants in this contest. It is up to each participant to mitigate this, as best they can.


Starting a “New” document every time:

Participants will be instructed to “begin a new model” at the start of each round. In SOLIDWORKS this means clicking the “new” icon, and then choosing their template. In Onshape, this means either creating a new document or creating a new part studio in the current document.

In other 3D CAD packages, participants should follow a similar workflow.

Templates and Pre-created Geometry:

Templates are a great way to decrease the amount of time it takes to create a 3D model. However, the spirit of this tournament is one which encourages the participants to create NEW geometry to construct the 3D models during the matches.

Templates may contain pre-created material properties. EXAMPLES: Material, Appearance, Density

Templates may contain pre-created REFERENCE geometry. EXAMPLES: Planes, Axes, Coordinate Systems

Templates/user interface may contain tools that help you quickly calculate/view the mass of the model (in SOLIDWORKS this would be a “sensor”, in Onshape this would be the custom TTT mass table, in Inventor this would be the Mass displaying in the upper left corner).

Templates MAY NOT contain pre-created geometry in the form of 2D Sketches, 3D Sketches, SOLID geometry or SURFACE geometry.  We (both the organizers and the audience) want to see the participants creating this type of geometry from scratch.

Similarly, participants MAY NOT UTILIZE user created “drag and drop” library features during the tournament. EXAMPLES would include things like user created “Tombstone shapes” and user created “Bolt Circles with multiple counterbored holes already positioned”.

Again, we (both the organizers and the audience) want to see the participants creating this type of geometry from scratch.


Hole Wizard / Hole Creation Tools:

“Hole creation tools” such as HOLE WIZARD in SOLIDWORKS may be utilized during the competition. Similar hole creation tools in other 3D CAD programs may be utilized by participants during this tournament.

Customized Tools/Customized Macros:

This is a bit of a gray area…but the general rule is that if a tool has been custom coded to help in “day to day” engineering activities, you can probably use it in the tournament.

Example: An Onshape user created a custom tool that does a “double mirror” – meaning it mirrors across 2 planes at the same time, so you can model one quadrant (1/4) of the model and mirror it in both directions, leaving you with a completed model.

Is this allowed? YES!! Because it has a practical application in the real world.

However – for any questions regarding customized tools/customized macros the best thing to do is CONTACT TOBY via the contact page on

Correct Mass and “The Ivan Exploit”

An answer will be considered correct when the mass has been submitted in the YouTube chat, and this mass is correct, within the specified tolerance listed on the 2D print.

Since we are looking for mass, there will be opportunities for participants to create features “in the wrong location”, so long as the mass of these features is correct. The most common example of this is a hole passing through 2 parallel faces. When this occurs, the location of the hole is inconsequential on the overall mass of the model.

This exploit, often referred to as “The Ivan Exploit”, is a known exploit of this competition and using this exploit will not disqualify the participant from the contest. If the overall mass of the model is correct (within tolerance) a win will be granted to the participant.


One Incorrect Answer, Two Incorrect Answers, The Clock:

Participants may submit 1 incorrect answer per modeling challenge. If this occurs, TooTallToby will declare, on the livestream, that the submitted answer is incorrect. The participant may then examine the 2D Print and their 3D model, to determine the discrepancy.

Once found, the participant may once again submit their answer. If correct, the participant will win the round.

However, if incorrect a second time, the participant will be ineligible to earn a point for this model. When this occurs, a 5 minute countdown timer will be initiated, and the other participant will have 5 minutes to calculate the correct mass.

If the other participants submits 1 incorrect answer, they will have an opportunity to correct their calculations and re-submit their answer. If their second answer is submitted before the 5 minute countdown timer concludes, and this answer is the correct mass, they will be awarded a point.
If their second answer is incorrect, or if they do not submit their answer before the 5 minute countdown timer concludes, the match will be considered a “stale mate” and no points will be awarded. The 2 participants will continue to compete until one participant has earned 2 points, and the person with 2 points will be declared the winner of the match.
NOTE: This rule could be exploited to the advantage of one participant, by quickly submitting 2 incorrect times at the start of the match (and hoping their opponent will be unable to complete the model within the 5 minute countdown of the clock). If TooTallToby and team witness this strategy, the match will be deemed a forfeit in favor of the participant who did not attempt to exploit this rule.

TooTallToby and Team’s Discretion:

Any unusual circumstances or situations not described above will be resolved at the discretion of TooTallToby and team. TooTallToby and team will retain full discretion regarding a resolution. This includes, but is not limited to, the following circumstances:

– TooTallToby experiences a network or computer failure during the live broadcast
– A 2D print used in the tournament contains a mistake (possibly a missing dimension, incorrect density specification, or an incorrect mass on Toby’s answer sheet)
– A participant is no longer able to compete in future matches, due to a scheduling conflict
– A match ends in a stale mate

For these and/or any other unforeseen challenges, TooTallToby and team will do their best to uphold the integrity and spirit of the tournament, and will be as transparent as possible regarding their decision making process.