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Will Onshape Make It Into The Finals?

AircraftJunkie | Oct. 24, 2023, 4:06 p.m.

The first 2 matches of the ELITE 8 round were livestreamed on Saturday October 21st and O...M...G... were they EXCITING!

With Victor K. beating Joost, Ansys SpaceClaim was eliminated from the Tournament. Equally nail-biting was the match in which IVAN the REASONABLE beat GoldenSpamfish.

On Saturday October 28th the last matches before the LIVE FINALS event (with in-person studio audience) will see ArronC go head-to-head against Pranav:

AarconC vs Pranav

And to determine if the FINALS will have any competing CAD systems, the match between Imants and Jehan Refaa will bring the ELITE 8 to a close and set up the runners for the FINALS on November 11th:

Imants vs. Jehan Refaa

Will Onshape make an appearance in the finals, or will Solidworks be assured each of the top 4 places in Too Tall Toby's 2023 World Championship of 3D CAD Speedmodeling? Join us to find out, Livestreaming on Saturday October 28th at 15:00 GMT.