Leaderboard Rules
Leaderboard Rules

RULES for the Leaderboard (Updated MARCH 1, 2024):

1. Practice as much as you want before recording.

2. Record the entire session (all 3 models) in 1 continuous run, without stopping the recording. You must begin the first model AFTER pressing the START button on the clock.
 CLOCK - The clock found on https://www.tootalltoby.com/leaderboard/timer/ must be visible in your recorded video.
 CLOCK - You must use the clock found on https://www.tootalltoby.com/leaderboard/timer/ to submit your times to the leaderboard.
 CLOCK - You must click the button labeled "CLICK HERE WHEN FINISHED MODEL" after you finish each model.
 OPTIONAL - Edit in post processing to add overlays/music/etc...
 OPTIONAL - Include voice narration, include video camera footage of your face or hands.

3. For each model, you must create a NEW PART or a NEW DOCUMENT. You may not switch windows to an existing (blank) document.

4. No pre-created geometric data is allowed No Drag and Drop library features allowed No macros allowed for feature creation. (If you have questions about a macro, ask in a video comment and Toby will answer). You must create all the geometry for these models

5. Hole Wizard (or equivalent tool) is allowed.


7. You must CLEARLY show the correct mass of each model, before moving on to the next model. The mass must be shown in the CORRECT UNITS. The mass must be shown with the the CORRECT PRECISION (or with a MORE PRECISE number of significant digits).

8. Post your recording on Youtube, Reddit, Linkedin, Google Drive, etc... Then POST A COMMENT with a LINK TO YOUR VIDEO here: TooTallToby's MARCH 2024 SPEEDMODELING CHALLENGE SYNTHWAVE VIDEO (this video).

9. Watch the leaderboard. When your video is approved, a link will be added to your video.

10. This challenge closes at midnight on Sunday, March 31st 2024.

11. By submitting your video to this contest you grant TooTallToby and team the right to use the video footage of your submission for any marketing/promotional purposes without limitation.

12. You may submit more than one result. Your fastest time will be considered your official submission. All slower times will be deleted from the leaderboard. Submitting using different CAD systems would be subject to this rule, and only one VERIFIED VIDEO (the fastest time) will remain on the Leaderboard.

13. Good luck!